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Unsigned Bible is an Online A&R Mentoring service for Unsigned Artists, Songwriters, Producers and DJ's.

Director and A&R Manager Skye Antoniou built a company in 2018 that changes the way the music industry see rising stars.

Having almost 10 years of working professionally in Music Management, Records, Publishing and PR, overseeing the business as a whole, she felt it was time Unsigned talent was given the attention they deserved and needed to go from being good to outstanding. Having your demos turned away or ignored without knowing the reason why shouldn't be the music industry norm, which is why our promise starts with you always constructively understanding why a song is or isn't strong enough. After all, you did spend hours, days or even months writing that song, so it's only right you're given the opportunity to move forward with the most valuable feedback.

Unsigned Songwriters and Producers around the world are rarely allowed the chance to be listened to, yet once they've been heard they are opened up to their unlimited capabilities of improvement. Our goal not only focuses on strengthening a writers songwriting and production, but our mentors will set writers up for life in preparation for their long-term successful music career with the advantage and expertise of consistent growth.


We are always looking to develop upcoming artists, songwriters and producers in preparation for their professional music career.  

Please send us just a few short details on yourself including a link to your music and one of our mentors will be in touch with you shortly. 

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