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A unique music service like no other, having one to one guidance focusing on strengthening and optimising your songwriting and production. Setting you up for nothing less than a prosperous career.


Keep you and your creativity in a healthy state as we uncover the true causes of writers block, demotivation and stress within the music industry. Realistic and healthy habits that will allow you to pick yourself up quicker. 

98% Of Our Writers Renew With Us


Master long-term routines implemented by 2021's biggest songwriters and producers with our small but effective tasks that will be taken with you throughout your music career with a personalised programme designed to your goals.


Uncover the details of the songwriting and production process - discover and action the fine points of a successful song.

Mentoring writers across

United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, Philippines +


A&R's have a huge role within an artist, songwriter or producers career, making sure the creative side as a whole is at the top of its game. Publishing labels work slightly differently as an A&R's sole purpose is to ensure the songs and tracks are at the highest standard possible in preparation for a release or pitch.

Working with Unsigned Bible's mentors will give you the chance to have the same development opportunities as if you were signed to a strong independent publishing company.

We prioritise your development and go into detail on every one of your songs or tracks, being honest and constructive at all times and not being afraid to let you know when to scrap or keep an idea. 

Through listening to our consultant's feedback and taking it on board into your next session, you will begin to hear the development yourself as each new song or track will become stronger and one step closer to your professional music career.


We were built based off of wanting to see change for Unsigned songwriters and producers. As every one of our A&R Consultants is currently active in the music industry, we see a common grey area of 'if a writer isn't at a certain high stage, we can't help'.


What if the next best selling artist, songwriter or producer is out there but unsure on how to get to that higher stage? Day in and day out, record and publishing labels are turning away talent simply because they do not have the time to develop a writer at such an early stage of their career. 

We're a company that has not only created the time for unsigned songwriters and producers, but we're a service designed to share years of professional knowledge, unpublished resources, career-altering techniques as well as a whole lot of contagious passion.