Adjusting to Post-Lockdown Life

Updated: Jul 10

Written by Becca Choi


How to Adjust to Post-Lockdown Life in the Music Industry

As vaccines become more and more available and governing bodies lift restrictions that we’ve come to accept as standard, we need to relearn how to operate in places that used to feel normal.

Going back to work isn’t like returning after having some time off for vacation. That’s why we thought you could use a little bit of advice for maintaining your mental health while adjusting to post-lockdown life as a music industry professional. Because at the end of the day, your health is always the most important thing in your career.

Whether you’re a creative or an industry executive, here are some things you should reflect on before diving into post-lockdown work.

First, Figure Out Where You Stand and Set Boundaries

In this upside-down world, it’s important to recognize that everyone is in a different place regarding comfort levels with social interaction. During the past year, some people may have seen no one in-person (or close to it). Others may have started attending small gatherings and going out to restaurants months ago.

No matter where you are—or where the people in your life are—it’s important that everyone feels safe and comfortable. So, to make sure you feel that way, establish where your boundaries are.

This way, you can set expectations for the people you live, work with, and see in your personal life, too.

When to Shift Regular Meetings from Zoom to In-Person

Since lockdown started, we had to adjust to video calls (which felt weird at first but now feels normal). And now, we need to figure out when to say goodbye to Zoom and start meeting face-to-face again (which used to feel normal but might feel pretty weird right now).

There is no hard rule or special date set for ending Zoom calls and starting in-person meetings. It’s up to you and the people you’re meeting with. Once you know your boundaries, discuss that with the people you’d like to meet with.

Explain how you feel and ask them how they feel. A good rule of thumb is to allow those who are fully vaccinated to meet together. And you can still offer Zoom meetings to anyone who doesn’t want to meet in person.

It’s okay to keep waiting to have in-person meetings until everyone feels comfortable with it.


How to Take In-Person Meetings

And when you do start to meet with professionals again, here are some pointers. Above everything, you want people (including you!) to be safe, comfortable, and healthy. So, when taking in-person meetings, you can disclose covid safety information and ask the people you meet with to disclose information to you, too.

That might look like:

  • sharing vaccination records

  • explaining that you understand the severity of the circumstances

  • talking about your priorities of health and safety

And if anyone feels unusual or sick (even if they are vaccinated), it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Meeting in person doesn’t need to be a stressful event that is harmful to your mental health. Although the dangers are real, you can still meet in person safely. Just be sure to communicate your boundaries.

Co-Writing in Studios

When you’re ready, it is okay to start co-writing in studios again. Follow the guidelines above for in-person meetings, and it will be okay. Even though you’ll likely be maskless in a closed space, you can still be safe.

And if you want to hold off on co-writing indoors, that’s okay. Your needs, your health, and your boundaries should always be a priority. Don’t pressure yourself into diving into post lockdown life before you’re ready.

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