Elements Of A Hit Song: Lauv - Love Like That

Throughout the years there have been thousands of hits and I'm certain that every aspiring songwriter and producer wonders what makes those hits stand out from the rest. The charts are filled with outstanding songs from a listeners point of view, but getting into the mind of an A&R, it's clear why they're not the ones that reach the Top 10. Over the years we've learnt to know the difference between a song we personally love vs a song that is very well written and deserved that no. 1 spot, and it's time we shared the elements of a hit song.

We've been filled with some great releases these past few weeks from Charli XCX, Lady Gaga, Ariana, Justin, Haim, just to name a few. Though one that has most definitely stood out to the Unsigned Bible team and has tugged on our heartstrings is Lauv's 'Love Like That'. An incredibly well written song with credits to writers Ari Leff, Teddy Geiger, Geoff Warburt, Jonathan Simpson, Michael Pollack and of course Lauv himself.

So let's go take a deeper look into what truly made this song as spectacular as it is!

Every great song uses different techniques to get them from good to great and 'Love Like That' is only the tip of the iceberg. Implement some of these small but strong tips into your own songwriting and you will begin to see the impact once you continously try out new wording within your lyrics, new vocal melodies in the pre's or bridge, different beats within the final chorus. There are no rules in songwriting, but there are great habits you need to adapt in order to write a strong song. Practise is everything.

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