How To Kickstart Your Creativity

Keep The Ideas Short With No Goal

When starting a new track, aim to go for finalising the idea no longer than 20 - 30 seconds. Don’t worry about structure as it’s more about discovering strong hooks in the shortest creative way possible. Write tons of these and if one - 100 of them are bad, who cares and keep writing. The focus is not about writing a smash hook each time, it’s about giving yourself a fun and effective challenge. Get out of your head that every single creative idea needs to be incredible.

Put Your Own Spin On Your Favourite Songs

The idea behind this is one of my favourites as when producers and songwriters cover their all time loved songs, they do it because they love it without thinking it has to have the perfect outcome. Usually their thoughts are that it doesn’t matter if it isn’t great, I just want to cover this wicked song.

This is such a healthy mindset that will be great for you to get back into as I’m certain you’re now at the stage where you analyse Every. Single. Detail. It’s not only an exciting project, but will spark that enthusiasm and drive that started your music career to begin with.

Only Listen To Your Favourite Songs

This one is simple. Create a playlist or I’m sure you already have one of your all time favourite songs, artists, albums. Whether they’re strong songs or not isn’t the point, as long as YOU love them that’s all that matters. I want you to do this as it will help get your creative mind out of analysing every song or wondering how to create something that matches that greatness. It’s just you, the music and tuning out the rest of the world with no pressures.

Create Tracks For Synch

This is a fun one and similar to ‘Remix Your Favourite Songs’, it takes away the mindset of trying to create hit songs. Play your music videos, movies, or TV shows all on mute and simply create a track that suits the visuals. Whether you're a producer, artist or songwriter, no matter your experience on production softwares, just give it a go.

As sync is based around designing the mood and emotion towards a vision, it’s a great way to stimulate ideas towards your own tracks.

Especially good for coming up with intros, drops, or outros for you producers out there, and esspecially great for songwriters coming up with context and melodies in their music.

Take A Break

You’ll probably notice a lot of my creative tips aren’t always revolved around constantly writing. That’s because songwriting is strange and usually great ideas come from just living.

This tip is and will always be my top recommended not only for your creativity but most importantly for your mentality. There’s nothing more daunting than hitting a writers block from months to years and thinking your music career is over just because you’ve spent all your time forcing yourself to create something that just isn’t ready to be created.

Taking a break from songwriting needs to be done at least every few months, and of course more if you feel it’s needed. There’s nothing wrong with walking away for a little while and it is most definitely not taking a step back in your productivity, it’s actually moving forward in the strongest and healthiest way possible.

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Skye Antoniou

A&R, Founder of Unsigned Bible