How to Promote Your Music; A Guide for Unsigned Musicians

By Papa Udeme

Music promotion is a vital stage in growing your audience, reaching the right ears and building an income. As a songwriter, producer or artist, you derive satisfaction when people get to listen to and connect with your music. The truth is, it’s difficult for people to just stumble on your music and in most cases, you will have to introduce yourself and your songs directly in order to grow numbers, but once you are as confident as your songs, the marketing and promotion can become a natural process of your development. Below I am going to suggest to you a few innovative ways to promote your music in today's music industry.

Network More With other Musicians and Authorities in the Industry

While many people and guides will show you ways to get more fans individually, most times they don't talk about this. It is good you reach out to fans individually, but it is significantly more effective and time-saving if you instead reach out and connect with authorities in the industry. Here is how it works; these people have a much bigger audience than you do. Reaching out and networking with radio executives, DJs, event planners, club owners, TV hosts, website owners/bloggers and even more established musicians and related brands will get you more attention than reaching out to fans individually which is what we most times do.

When you create that functioning relationship with these authorities, it's easy for you to get recommended and shown to their audiences. An article about you and your music on a popular magazine or getting featured on a popular music radio show will give you ten times the amount of exposure you could get reaching out to fans individually.

Get On Playlists

Although a bit similar to the previous point, this is a lot more specific. Playlists on platforms like Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer, and other streaming platforms usually get to millions of listeners across the globe - as a matter of fact, hundreds of millions. Getting your song included in a popular playlist is like gold for your career. You kill two birds with one stone; you get popular and also get money from streaming royalties. Getting your music featured on curated playlists creates some awareness and gives you some credibility. Also, getting it placed on algorithm-based playlists like "Discover Weekly" will greatly affect your streaming count, which in turn means more streaming royalties.

Go [Play] Live!

Even though this is slightly different during the pandemic, it is still very useful. When you get booked at venues around your locality, and you play some amazing songs for the local music fans, you'll quickly develop a loyal and new fan base. This actually feels more real and a lot more inspiring because you get to see the actual result with your two eyes. Physical fans also quickly translate to online fans.

Once you have gathered that local following, you can easily get on the road. You can begin taking on newer and much bigger music scenes. As a matter of fact, you can graduate from cities to countries to continents. This doesn't just sound easy, it is actually easy. Touring and playing gigs night after night seems like hard work, but when you do it right, the reward always beats the efforts!

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