Great Ways to Accelerate Your Songwriting Skills

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Tips to Improve Your Songwriting

There are hundreds of results from searching 'songwriting tips' online and from this you'll find there are some average ideas and others that are just plain old wacky. Ranging from "look out the window for a really long time" to "don't talk for the entire day".

To improve your skill, the key is to have beneficial long-term effects that can ensure you're getting stronger by the day, taking your strengths to sessions and giving you the confidence to show off your catalogue to labels.

Here's four suggestions that will help build your skills in the long run and allow you to keep progressing further in your career.

Listen to your music influences and analyse the songwriting. Learn to understand how their songwriting is successful - is it their lyrics? What are they saying? How does the context flow? How do the vocal melodies grab attention? Where do they lift? There are so many ways to strip down a song or artist and understand how they made their success, just give it a try.

If you haven't already, start a hook folder. With all songwriters, having a bunch of unfinished songs is always a good start, but let's try not running before you can walk especially if your weakness is writing strong hooks. Focus on writing hooks alone, or song titles alone, or context ideas alone.

Keep it stripped back - focus on the songwriting before the production. There's two main parts to a full song, the songwriting and production. Many songwriters, especially singer-songwriters seem to focus too much on what the production should sound like instead of focusing on getting the actual vocal melody, lyrics and context as strong as possible. Leave production until 100% finished and keep writing with guitar or keys alone.

Use visuals to create context ideas. Watch a bunch of movies, TV shows or muted music videos and use the script to come up with lyrics.

What tips are you currently using to better your songwriting? Share and let us know how it is or isn't working for you!

Skye Antoniou

A&R, Unsigned Bible Founder

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