The Biggest Songwriting Mistake

Perfecting your craft can become overwhelming and a little draining, but that’s most likely the case when you’re ticking all the boxes on how to prolong development. Of course, resulting in continuous writers’ block. 

With so many opinions and speculations on what truly makes a great writer, the lines can start to become blurred and confusing on a topic that doesn’t necessarily need to be complicated. 

A songwriter or producer could have all the right tools and be on the path to becoming spectacular, though applying and practising these tools will come under two separate activities. You may be able to apply all the greatest techniques in the world, though you may be applying unpracticed ideas into a track or song that could have had potential.

If a young aspiring football player discovered the most skilful way to curl the ball into the goal, could they simply walk away from a youtube tutorial and be able to nail this on the first shot? It’s highly unlikely.

Just like all skills, gaining perfection isn’t something we’re all born with and if that were the case, we’ll all be rich talented superstars. Discovering an approach that could take your songwriting to the next level is exciting, but before you start running, take the time and walk at a steady pace with it.

How can I ensure I’m taking the best approach?

It will come as no surprise that successful development will come with patience, persistence and a strong professional mindset. Still, to this day there are so many writers or artists who try to hold back their disappointed frown after discussing that in order to write great songs, you need to write a whole lot of bad/average songs. Whether you are to allow that disappointment to take over, that’s down to you to figure out if this is the right path for you; but think of it this way, if it’s songwriting, cooking or even sports you want to pursue, the development will always be part of the journey to success. 

As you take the time towards perfecting your new techniques and create songs that are glowing with strong development, from here on it’s down to you to ensure you’re implementing these practised tools steadily and individually. 

You’re passionate and over the moon that you’ve finally discovered tricks to improve your songwriting, so it’s only human to want to cram this into every concept you come up with, but doing too much too soon will only put this new trick to waste and leave you feeling dejected. 

Let’s take a look at two different scenarios as we understand how to put this into practice:

Scenario 1. A producer has been researching professional DJ’s on Youtube and has learnt great ways to incorporate new sounds and how to create stronger hooks. The producer has been writing numerous new tracks and they’re all starting to sound similar with each new song sounding no better than the last. As the producer questions why this is, even though they had learnt from the pros, they do not realise the true reason behind why every track is sounding similar and continue to hinder their development. Learning how to discover new sounds alongside writing new hooks must come hand in hand; each section of a song (lyrics, melody, beats, hooks etc), are to always compliment and gain purpose from each other.

Adding new sounds and writing stronger hooks can very easily become disorganized and have minimal structure unless this producer has adapted these new skills on their own before trying too much too soon. 

Scenario 2. A bubbling singer-songwriter has just left an inspiring meeting with a Sony ATV A&R who listened to a couple of tracks and gave constructive feedback on both. The writer has been advised to focus on writing smart intriguing lyrics with strong pay-off lines as well as to strengthen chorus vocal melodies. Some months have past and in this time the singer-songwriter has been practising writing an impressive amount of short smart lyrics - one sentence at most each time, perfecting the art of wording these lines as intriguing as possible. On a separate task, they have also been writing numerous new hooks and reverting back to the ones that are felt to be the ones with the most potential. Each day they’re becoming stronger as a writer as they construct new concepts individually in preparation for mastering writing exceptional choruses that will tick all the right boxes of having great lyrics that are well-worded and are complimented incredibly with it’s vocal melody. 

With the right approach, it’s a noticeable difference in the outcome. Putting a healthy mindset alongside great tools will open many doors and will only achieve success in the long run as you move forward. As you develop you will find more people in the industry coming to you, rather you go to them. Here’s a hot tip for you.. adapting feedback to your music is the greatest turn on for all industry professionals. If you show you’re on board, they’ll be the ones holding the doors open.

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