What is Advanced Songwriting?

What is Advanced Songwriting?

Written by Skye Tazmin


When the word ‘advanced’ is thrown around, we instantly think of it in terms of it’s difficulty and the person's experience. With songwriting, this works a little differently because even though a song or track may be written a little more ‘complex’, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s difficult to create - it simply means that the writer had the tools to design a well-written piece. Below we’ll be deconstructing and analysing some recent releases that, in my professional opinion, would label as being creatively advanced and in result becoming well-streamed successfully around the world.

Melodically & Topline Structure

Firstly, I’ve categorized the vocal melodies and topline structure together as they come hand in hand - a well-written melody naturally leads a strong structure you see, and usually feels pretty effortless, meaning if your focus was mostly getting that great topline written down, you’ll listen back and think “oh sweet, the structure is pretty sorted”.

An advanced vocal melody can be various things, but written down I would describe it as a great mix of quick-tempo, pro-longed notes, all whilst sounding simplified and natural. Sure, this does indeed sound advanced and can take a strong ear to nail this concept but, once you listen to this exact idea you’ll notice pretty quick that it isn’t as difficult or as ‘advanced’ as it’s made out to be. This all comes down to that simplified and natural approach, which you will be hearing like a squawking parrot throughout this article. You’re welcome.

I’ve listed examples of fairly new releases that in my experience, tick all the boxes for being well-written advanced songs. Take a listen and analyse!



Advanced Vocal Melody Examples (This excludes lyrics, focusing on melody only)

Post Your Body - Taura Lamb

Fall - SG Lewis

Easier - 5 Seconds of Summer

Lyrically Advanced

fuckboy - JBACH

2002 - Anne-Marie

All Your Exes - Julia Michaels


An advanced piece of production isn’t too far off from being similar to the topline and structure, but also covers so many different areas too. Yes it includes a simplified mixture of rapid paced hooks with a complimentary use of easy smooth transitions, though a huge part of strong production comes down to one word; complimentary. This is a common word I’m always referring back to with my producers and at first, they’re probably thinking I’m nuts and need to learn new words. Though once this is ingrained into their creative process, it makes the biggest difference on the outcome of their work, because regardless of how many tracks, instruments, hooks, kits, synths you use (within reason of course), if each individual piece is complimenting well and clearly has its place within the song, this will allow the track to sound rather advanced when really, the concept has just been created around the simplified and natural approach.


Rather Be - D-Nice ft Kiana Lede

LVRN Cypher - Love Renaissance

Que Calor - Major Lazer, J Balvin, El Alfa, Diplo

So I Lie - Miguel


Going through all of the above key areas, perhaps you’ve noticed that the word ‘advanced’ is carefully used through the songwriting process, because all in all, the so-called advanced parts are just gaining the subconscious knowledge of what does vs does not work well in songwriting. Sometimes this comes extremely naturally and easy, for example for growing global TikTok star Olivia Rodrigo with her first hit during her mid-teens and for others it takes years to truthfully understand and master. But the idea that I want to really drill into songwriters minds is that great songs and tracks are just simplified and the strongest parts are highlighted and complimented well.

Many feel that when it comes to songwriting and producing, you either have the talent or you don’t, and that’s fine that they feel that way. Though I see it as this, if I wanted to speak a new language I’m not going to just ‘have that talent’ - it takes dedication and love for the culture.

Is there a song you’re loving and want to understand what makes it so ear-gasmic? Get in touch with one of our A&R mentors and we can analyse this track for you, completely FREE! Contact us via music@unsignedbible.com and we’ll come back to you shortly.

Structuring your work shouldn’t overpower the writing process - if you don’t feel the hook/idea strongly enough, don’t use it. LISTEN to your process.

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