DJ, Producer

Unsigned Bible provides an incredibly valuable development programme for upcoming recording artists and songwriters wanting personal intensive coaching to develop their songwriting,  music production and career development in the music industry. 


It's a rare service to have on-demand the expertise of an experienced A&R  to critique and scrutinize your demos and ideas. Skye and the UB team are always on hand to provide honest and constructive feedback to my work and have been effective in pushing my writing and production skills to the next level.

Imad, Producer

Unsigned Bible is amazing for unsigned artists who are looking for a hand to propel their artistic career forwards. The team is incredibly knowledgable, and will put you in the right path in achieving your artistic goals!

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Anita, Songwriter

Just from the initial conversation held with Skye I was provided with so much useful information and gained insight into my potential options, plus received honest constructive feedback on my songs which was appreciated. Unsigned Bible gets 10/10 from me.

Fran, Singer-Songwriter

Skye always went above and beyond to give me extra thorough feedback that could help me grow. Would recommend her services to anyone!

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